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  • LENA
    • The main character of Every farm
    • Born and raised on a farm
    • The farm is part of her
    • She is so happy about her old friend, you finally go back to home town.
    • She does her best to help you to start a farm life.
  • TOM
    • A meticulous and dignified farm secretary
    • He was worried because there was no farmer, but he was relieved that you came back.
    • His old friend Lena always nags him.
    • It's been a long time since he'd liked Lena, but she doesn't know that he likes her.
    • Actually, Chelsea likes Tom, but it seems that he doesn't know.
  • Irvin
    • Young rich farmer in a neighboring village who pursues large-scale farming methods.
    • An elite who graduated from a prestigious university.
    • Rather than being eco-friendly and organic, he pays attention to price competitiveness through mass production. However, he objects to genetic manipulation.
    • People say you should be careful of him because he often intercepts customers and interferes with your farming methods
  • Chelsia
    • Irvin's secretary and maid.
    • She is in charge of chores and various office work.
    • She is always lively and never loses her smile though she has lots of jobs to do.
    • She is sorry that Irvin loses all the good reputation he's earned by the good deeds he's done with mean words he said. But sometimes she too feels frustrated by Irvin's robot-like side.
  • Every Farm is a multiplayer farm builder game, where anyone can farm and own a village,
    grow crops, cook, open restaurants, and meet new friends from all over the world!

  • One day, you've inherited your grandfather's old farm!
    So you're moving to your hometown, Every Farm, where your childhood friends are waiting for you!
    With a piece of old inherited grandfather's land, set out to begin your new farm life!

    • Design your farm with countless objects and create your own farm! There are hundreds of farm decoration options to choose from!
    • Complete with beautifully detailed graphics! Meet the series of adorable villagers & fulfill their individual quests to move forward in the storyline!
    • Take a break from the busy city life! Runoff to a pocket-sized world of peaceful farming & small town management! Enjoying the friendly delights!
    • Manage and grow crops from your field plots for ingredients needed in mills & factories & shops.
    • Raise animals to get fresh ingredients.
      Run your mills & factories to produce all different kinds of dazzling foods, beverages, & items!
    • Co-operate with other town-keepers & help their mills, restaurants, & factories to earn bonus items!
    • You are able to create meals from veggies that you have grown!
    • Cook delicious meals with your farm-grown crops!
    • Sell your meals to the customers in your restaurant and earn GOLD!
    • Increase restaurant sales and upgrade your farm with money earned from the restaurant to increase productivity!
    • Your skills in a variety of settings and managing techniques will bring you more money!

A new digital asset that connects EVERY FARM and real world

Minting FLERO

FLERO that are provided as rewards in game are produced through minting and compensating in accordance with the above minting restriction rule.

  1. FLERO provided through the game is limited only to the daily minting amount determined in accordance with configured probability once the daily minting amount is met.
  2. The quantities of in-game-asset ‘Heart’ required to perform that is calculating variation depending on the number of active players
  3. The above following rules are the standards form to enhance its due diligence process by playing games and maintaining value of in-game-asset ‘Heart’. The mining rules are easy to experience through playing EveryFarm service.
Exchange for in-game asset

FLERO can be used as following rules : Exchanging through WEMIX wallet

Gold is our main in-game currency which can be earned by playing game

In-game asset earning method

Players can earn gold by playing games.
The gold can be reinvested to purchase ingredients, materials, or mills for cultivation.

  1. Harvesting the crops and materials that have to be stored in inventory
  2. The crops and materials in the inventory are object to craft at a warehouse or factory
  3. Player can earn golds by mix ingredients and products at the restaurant.

Smelting FLERO

When players reach level 30, they can use "Restaurant" system.
There are four ovens in the "Restaurant."

In the "Restaurant", You can cook different dishes for each oven.
When cooking is complete, In-game asset (Heart) can be obtained based on certain probabilities.

The first oven can be used without conditions, but Heart are not coming out.

However, during the event period, you can also get a "special menu" in the first oven, and you can get HEART.

And then, the other three ovens can only be used if you have FLE(FLERO) in your WEMIX wallet.